Technology and innovation is right now revolutionizing how we work, consume media, interact with each other and in general how we live our lives. TechCask is a news channel for you that want to embrace the new, high tech way of life, instead of fighting it.

The world of technology is moving fast and we at TechCask got you covered. We are passionate about all things technology and our mission is to keep you up to date so that you never have to feel like a dinosaur in the office break room when your colleagues are discussing something new and cool.

Our values

Three values lays the foundation for our journalism and how we run our business.

  • Curiosity – We love innovation!
  • Integrity – To uphold the highest credibility to our readers and partners is paramount in our success.
  • Heart – To us at TechCask the heart weighs equal to the brain!

Our journey at TechCask has just begun. Stay a while and be a part of it!