CS:GO Ranks and the official ranking system 2022

January 13, 2022 in Gaming

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In older versions of Counter-Strike there was no official ranking system. You had to register on a third-party platform and play your games through them to keep track of your statistics. When CS:GO was released, this changed. Counter-Strike now has an official ranking system. This system also functions as a matchmaking service to match equally skilled players in competitive matches. In this article we will talk about the ranking system and also give you an overview of all the CS:GO ranks.

All the ranks in CS:GO 2022 – The CS:GO ranks in order

CS:GO currently has 18 ranks for the official matchmaking system. These ranks are divided into four main groups: Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian and Elite. Find the full list of CS:GO ranks below:

Silver-1 csgo rank Silver I

Silver-2 csgo rank Silver II

csgo rank Silver III

csgo rank Silver IV

csgo rank Silver Elite

csgo rank Silver Elite Master

csgo rank Gold Nova I

 csgo rank Gold Nova II

csgo rank Gold Nova III

csgo rank Gold Nova Master

csgo rank Master Guardian I

csgo rank Master Guardian II

csgo rank Master Guardian Elite

csgo rank Distinguished Master Guardian

csgo rank Legendary Eagle

csgo rank Legendary Eagle Master

csgo rank Supreme Master First Class

csgo rank Global Elite

How to play matchmaking and get your first rank in CS:GO?

Your rank is supposed to work as some sort of indicator of where you are in your journey skill-wise. You are not automatically assigned a rank, you have to earn it. To be able to play matchmaking in the first place you have to unlock it. To unlock ranked matchmaking you must reach private level 2. How? Well, you need to start off with playing the casual game modes, it can be any of the following: Casual, Arms Race, Danger Zone, Death Match or Demolition. After playing a few of these and when you gained enough XP, matchmaking will be unlocked and ready to play. 

Your first rank

When you’ve unlocked matchmaking it’s time to step up to the plate! In order to get your first rank you will have to win 10 competitive games. You can pretty much play how many matches you want your first day, but after two wins you will be put on a cooldown. This is to give the game time to get an understanding of your skill level. After you have won your first 10 games you will get your first rank. The rank assigned to you will be based off of the 10 games you won earlier. You will now be able to play (and win) as many games as you want! 

How to play CS:GO with your friends

CS:GO is a team based game and is meant to be played 5v5, that means you will be able to play with 4 of your friends. Before you start asking all of your friends to play with you, keep in mind that you need to be close to each other skill-wise, if you’re not a full lobby. If you’re not playing as a full lobby you can’t be more than 5 ranks apart from each other. Here are some examples.

This lobby of 5 will be able to play

Silver-1 csgo rank Silver I

Silver-2 csgo rank Silver II

csgo rank Silver III

csgo rank Silver Elite Master

csgo rank Master Guardian I

This lobby of 4 will not be able to play

Silver-1 csgo rank Silver I

Silver-2 csgo rank Silver II

csgo rank Silver Elite Master

csgo rank Master Guardian I

So, if you’re a full lobby, mix and match as you wish. You will be able to play. If you’re not a full lobby, you can’t be more than ranks apart from each other. 

How is your CS:GO rank decided?

The first rank you get is not set in stone, actually it’s quite the opposite. CS:GO ranks are decided by how much you win or lose while playing competitive (ranked) matches. If you win, you’ll be closer to ranking up, if you lose, you will be closer to downrank. Since the rank is heavily influenced by your skill, the best way to rank up is to practice. You can practice with bots or maybe try any of the custom aim-training maps from the community workshop. 

Scrimm – Unranked CS:GO

Do you want to play a game of CS:GO but without having to worry about your rank? This was made possible on July 31 2019 with an update that included Scrimmage. The blog post announcing this was named “A Learning Environment”. Scrimmage is exactly the same as a competitive match but your rank will not be affected. Another nice touch to it is the fact that there are no restrictions to the ranks in your party, even if you’re not a full lobby.

The CS:GO Rank Distribution 2022 – What is the average CS rank?

For now, the average rank in CS:GO is Gold Nova 2.

Below is a pie chart that shows how the ranks in CS:GO are distributed:

CS:GO Rank Distribution 2022

CS:GO Ranks – FAQ

How Many Games Does It Take to Rank Up in CS:GO?

You must win 10 games to earn your first rank in CS:GO. Before you have earned your first rank you are allowed to win two games per day. After two wins you will receive a 24h cooldown.

How Many Ranks Are in CS:GO?

There are currently 18 CS:GO ranks. (If you don’t count wingman and Danger Zone)

What Is the Average Rank in CS:GO?

The current average CS:GO rank is Gold Nova III. (2022)

What Is the Highest Rank in CS:GO?

The highest rank in CS:GO currently is Global Elite. (2022)

What Ranks Can Play Together CS:GO?

You are allowed to play as long as you’re not more than 5 ranks apart. 

How to Check your CS:GO Rank?

Your rank is always displayed under your username in the right corner when you’re in the game’s main menu. You can also see your rank when checking the scoreboard in a match. If your rank has disappeared it’s likely due to inactivity. 

How to See Someone’s CS:GO Rank?

You are able to see the ranks of your teammates while you are playing. You can also see your friends rank on the right friend list when in the games main menu. You can see your opponents ranks after a competitive game has finished. 

Why is my CS:GO Rank gone?

If your CS:GO Rank has gone missing, it’s most likely due to inactivity. After 30 days without playing, you will lose your rank and you need to win a match to get your rank back.

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