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January 7, 2022 in Internet

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A while ago Google released their yearly video: Year in search. These videos are pretty much a Youtube Rewind but for Google search. They are highlighting search trends during the year in short videos, the 2021 version of “Year of search” is 3 minutes. The focus last year was “why”. This year’s focus? Healing.

In the video above, Google is focusing on healing after the damage of the pandemic that broke out in 2020. 

The caption reads: “In a year that continued to test many, the world searched “how to heal” more than ever. Whether they’re taking care of mental health, honoring a loved one, or reuniting with family, people are finding ways to come back stronger than before.”

What is Google – Year in Search?

As explained above, Year in search is a video about the year’s most trending searches worldwide. It has been released in December every year since 2010. Do you want to have a look at the very first video and see how much that has changed since? Here it is:

If you want to see them all, there is a complete playlist on Google’s Youtube-channel here

There is more – Google Trends

Apart from the yearly video, Google also releases the results of the most searched topics and keywords during the year via a tool that is called Google Trends. Upon visiting Google Trends you will be met by this screen:

Google trends search

In this search bar you can type in your desired keyword and see how people in your selected country have been asking Google their questions during the year. (Or your selected time period) You will also see the level of interest in different parts of your country. Here is a classic example of how search terms spike at different times during the year. This is the search interest for Mariah Carey’s song: All I Want for Christmas Is You. It spikes in December every year. (Search data from 2004 until 2021)

Google trends Mariah Carey december spike

You can also see what’s recently trending in your current location. (The location can also be changed)

Google trends recent trends

Top Google searches 2021 

So, what did the US search for during 2021? According to Google trends, these were the most-searched terms of 2021 in the US.

“Lists are based on search terms that had the highest spike this year as compared to the previous year.” – Google.

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