How to find the right keywords for your blog

March 11, 2022 in Online Business


If you’re a blogger with any interest in SEO (which you should, because SEO may help raise your blog’s traffic and engagement), you already know that using the proper major keywords in your blog articles will help people find your material when they’re searching for it on search engines.

These resources may be useful if you’re not sure how or where to find keywords for blogging.

Google Analytics is your friend

If you don’t already have Google Analytics installed on your site, do so right away! It’s free and simple, and if you’re using a platform like WordPress for example, you can utilize free plugins to assist you in installing the code. Even though Google Analytics eliminated most of the data it supplied users in 2013 (and substituted keywords in data reports with (not given)), you may still use analytics to view some keywords and the most popular content on your website. If your furniture-building guidelines are usually a hit, utilize it as a springboard for keyword ideas for future subjects.

Webmaster Tools & Bing

The Google and Bing Webmaster tools still include a lot of keyword data. The setup process is nearly identical to that of Google Analytics, and every blog should be authenticated on both systems. Webmaster Tools provides information on how visitors arrived at your site, who is linked to it, and search data. It’s an excellent spot to utilize in conjunction with your other tools.

Paid SEO tools

Although all of the tools listed above are free, several premium tools, such as those from Ahrefs and SEMrush, may provide vital information on not just your own website but also your competitors.

All of these tools may be used not just to gather data, but also as a brainstorming session for determining the best keyword(s) for each of your blog entries.

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