How to show FPS in CS:GO?

January 11, 2022 in Gaming

fps in csgo

CS:GO is a competitive game where every second matters. That is one of many reasons why you want to ensure that you have enough FPS for the game to run smoothly. How many FPS is enough? How can you find out how many FPS you have right now? We will cover that and some more in this article.

What is FPS?

FPS is short for Frames Per Second, which basically means how many frames your GPU outputs per second. The less FPS you’re getting, the more choppy your game will look. If you want more in depth content about FPS in CS:GO we recommend you give this video a watch: 

How to show your FPS in CS:GO?

There is more than one way to show your FPS in CS:GO, here are the most common ones. 

Activate a FPS counter for all your steam games

Open Steam.

Click the top left menu in Steam -> Settings.

Choose the In-Game tab (to the left).

Check the box for the In-game FPS counter and set the position.

If you want the FPS counter to stand out, check the box for high contrast color.

Press the OK button.


Active a FPS counter via console commands

CL_Showfps 1 – This will toggle a FPS counter. (CL_Showfps 0 turns it off)

Net_Graph 1 – This will show your FPS but also provide additional information such as ping and more. (Net_Graph 0 to toggle off)

Don’t limit yourself

If your PC can output more than 300 fps in CS:GO you might wanna check if you’re limiting the FPS. CS:GO will by default limit your FPS to 300 FPS. To ensure you’re not doing this you can use the following command in the console:

FPS_max 0 – This will remove any limitations for how many FPS you can have. For example: if you want to limit your FPS to 400, use the command FPS_max 400

How many FPS do I need in CS:GO?

It’s recommended to have at least 60 FPS when playing to get an acceptable experience. Anything below that will feel choppy and can make you inconsistent. 100 FPS and above will be more likely to feel decent. If you know that your PC is capable of outputting more than 120 FPS, be sure to check if you have a monitor that can run with a high refresh rate. A high refresh rate monitor combined with a high number of FPS will give you the best experience.

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