The gaming world is changing

March 9, 2022 in Gaming


The gaming industry has undergone significant changes over the years. Over the past couple of decades, the face of gaming has changed dramatically due to the emergence of new technologies such as smartphones and virtual reality software.

Graphics technology

Back then, games were typically two-dimensional, and these were typically not unlike cartoons. In the 1990s, 3D technology was brought to the gaming industry, and these games, such as Grand Theft Auto, became more realistic.

Investment in eSports

The rise of eSports has completely changed the way the world of gaming is played. According to the latest data, the worldwide audience for eSports is estimated to be 474 million.

Due to the huge amount of money that people from all around the world are investing in the gaming industry, it has become a flourishing industry. Some of the investors include Accel Partners, Jens Hilgers, and Indian entrepreneur Tej Kohli.

Mobile technology

It’s fair to say that the globe has experienced a mobile phone revolution in the previous ten years. Phones are no longer just devices for making phone calls and sending the occasional text message; they are instruments that we use in every aspect of our life — reading the news, shopping, watching TV, playing games, and so on. Mobile technology, in particular, has had a significant impact on the gaming business. Gone are the days when popular tourist resorts were dominated by amusement arcades. Mobile devices are allowing an increasing number of individuals to get their gaming fix right at their fingertips.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality – or VR – is a step above from 3D graphics, and it is undeniably transforming the landscape of gaming. Players can participate and enjoy completely immersive gaming by using VR software to experience their game as a genuine 3D metaverse. 3D visuals that could be explored interactively with a mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen were the first examples of VR technology in the game business. VR headsets, on the other hand, are becoming more mainstream now. With its latest Horizon Worlds game, even the world’s largest social networking platform, Facebook, has hopped on the VR bandwagon.


New technologies have forever altered the landscape of gaming. It’s safe to assume that as technology progresses, so will the gaming experience. Only time will tell how much online gaming can be improved in the future. Especially with more and more games are going free to play.

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