When Did CS:GO Become Free to Play?

January 11, 2022 in Gaming

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a virtual first-individual shooter with a critical fan base and a long history in the esports area. The game requires quick reaction speeds, pixel-amazing marksmanship, good equipment and an undeniable degree of guide insight, with gamers depending on savvy moves and collaboration.

This is most likely why the game is well-suited for streaming competitive games and tournaments, as well as why it has attracted such a large and devoted fan base.

When did CS: GO become free to play?

The game becomes free to play with an upgrade on December 6, 2018. Gamers who bought the game before the advancement were advanced to “Prime” status and allowed access to modes that drop cosmetic goods. A new battle royale mode named “Danger Zone” was also included in the latest edition.

Why did Valve decide to make CS: GO free to play?

Valve is a business; hence it is reliant on revenue. The same rationale they ceased funding operations and launched the Battle Royale mode is why they made CS: GO free. For the sake of money. 

People are more likely to try out a game if it is free. Danger Zone was a great hit when it originally came out, with around 85,000 new gamers signing up in December alone and another 20,000 signing up in January. Danger Zone is, arguably, a lot shorter now, as it’s just a fun way to waste 10 minutes and isn’t a key differentiator. Majority CS: GO gamers play for the competitive arena, not for the other modes like Arms Race or Danger Zone.

With the flood of scammers in the game, it doesn’t matter as much if you’ve been playing for a while and have high trustworthiness, but it’s pure hell for newbies who have a low Trustworthiness. Valve must have a lot of confidence in VACnet and Trust Factor if they made the game free-to-play. These are new gamers, and some will spend money on skins.

CS: GO – Game Modes guide

When you’re new to CS: GO, the quantity of game choices accessible can be overpowering. What might be the best area to start? What is the most effective way to accomplish a higher matchmaking rank?  There are numerous factors to consider before diving in and attempting to find the perfect mode for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular modes available;


In this game option, two teams compete against each other for a specified number of kills. You are respawned someplace else on the map after dying, and you must achieve a set number of points to continue.


Two teams of five individuals battle against one another in competitive games. The game is won by the squad that scores 16 points. Per round lasts one minute and 55 seconds, with the round timer reset to forty seconds if the T-side successfully planted the bomb.


Casual expands the squad size to 10 members per side, the economic system isn’t nearly as harsh, and the game finishes when either side has won eight rounds. Reduced round periods, a restriction on the number of grenades you can buy, and the ability to turn off squad collisions and friendly fire are also minor variations.

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